Get a Preppy Home Decor Touch At Your Place And Turn It Stunning

Preppy Home Decor

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A Preppy Home Decor interior style is a genteel mix of patterns. This design enters the room with a classic pattern, bright colours and navy and white stripes. Plaid is a common traditional preppy style, but there are many more. Houndstooth, stripes, gingham and herringbone can mix to create a great preppy look.

Common Preppy Colours

Commonly used for preppy Home Decor are white, black, navy and nude. For a preppy style, patterns have a significant role. Polka dots, stripes and florals are commonly used patterns. Preppy aesthetics also focus on bright colours, like pink and blue, pink and turquoise, and natural white or cream. It also emphasizes summer animals, like monkeys, elephants, giraffes, leopards, zebras etc.

Preppy Home Decor Ideas for your House

If you are into preppy style, you may want to bring it into your house. Are you confused about where to start? Begin your preppy journey with some tips. Bring on Pink, blue, green, stripes, pattern and other preppy accessories to your rooms.                                                                    Let’s start……..

Play with Pink

In preppy styles, pink is not a colour for children. Make use of this happy tone around your house as you like. Pink decor can turn your room chic instead of childish. You don’t need to stick to just one hue. Experiment by mixing pastel pink, dark pink and fuchsia to come up with a voguish room. You can add pink to every smallest detail of your room to make an impression.

Decorate Your Room with Cane

Do you love cane furniture? You will be glad to know that it is the foremost piece of furniture in the preppy design. Use cane furniture with bright colours to make your place look contemporary and preppy as well. Another Preppy Home Decor piece is blur wood. It can give an appearance with the mirror hanging above any chic console.

Use Pink and Blue Together

Most of the time, we associate pink and green with preppy interiors, but you can see that pink and blue go together so nicely. For a luxurious look, blue is a great colour to pair with pink. The heat, emanating from the pink worm up the coolness of blue. Preppy is also all about using nice shapes and patterns. Bring on the crinkled edge and don’t forget about the stripes.

Say Yes to the Navy

Navy is another best-loved preppy hue and complements several other shades. It is a no-fail shade that paired together with everything, from cream and white to citron and coral. It perfectly sets off with every decor, like leather, brass, pottery, and silver. It never goes out of fashion, as it is a classic hue. If you never overuse it, it will give a fresh feeling.

Be stylish

its space is famous for being orderly and worldly-wise. Touches like some photo frames, table lamps and a stylish vase filled with colourful fresh flowers can give a cosy feeling.

Insert Animal Motifs

Preppy rooms are very playful and if you add some animal motifs to them, they will be more attractive. Some of the most popular ornaments that go together with preppy rooms are cute doggie lamps, paper birds on the wall, an elephant umbrella stand, and even monkeys that can fit with the decor.

Go with Gingham

Gingham is just not a clothing pattern; it appears nicely on the wall as a wall. Blue and white gingham wallpaper is an excellent combination for a kid’s room, and also can fit well with other varieties of paints.

Utilize Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are famous for their long durability and classic look. In a preppy space, you can spot Rugs frequently. To avail the test of time, prep designs love to invest in wall-made pieces. Jute rugs are one of the popular accessories for a classy touch.

Use patterns

In a preppy interior, patterns play a vital role to make your home elegant. Some famous patterns that are associated with preppy style, like

  • Animal prints
  • Brand logo
  • Roller rabbit patterns
  • Stars
  • Lightning bolt
  • Smiley faces
  • Hearts
  • Floral print
  • Palm tree, etc

Add Magic to Children’s Space

Kids are very special to everyone and we all want to give them every comfort. You can decorate your kids’ place with a preppy style. Their room is an excellent place to design with stripes and loud patterns. Let me give you an idea- use the green and pink canopy to turn a normal daybed into a dreamy place.

Preppy lighting.

To give your preppy home decor a final touch, make sure that your room has enough natural light all day long. For night decoration, add some string lights or neon wall lights to make a fun preppy aesthetic vives.

Choose Pieces Wisely

Parasol lamps appear in many preppy spaces and for sure, and they work as pieces of art. Preppy interiors are full of personality without any mess, so each piece of furniture should select carefully and should serve a purpose.

Arrange Preppy Home Music

Another best idea to give your room a perfect preppy vibe is to play preppy room music. You can find your favourite preppy music playlist and can enjoy them while studying or chilling out with your friends.

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