How to Play Make Her Sneeze Game: Step-by-Step Guide.

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To play make her sneeze game, one person tries to make the other person sneeze by any means necessary. Make her sneeze is a fun game that challenges players to find creative ways to make their opponent sneeze.

Whether it’s tickling their nose with a feather or telling a funny joke, the goal is to get the other person to sneeze first. This game can be played by two or more players and is perfect for parties or gatherings.

It requires no special equipment or setup, making it an easy and inexpensive way to entertain a group. So, gather your friends and get ready to sneeze!

How to Play Make Her Sneeze Game: Step-by-Step Guide.


What Is Make Her Sneeze Game?

Make her sneeze game is a simple yet fun game that is popular among kids and adults alike. In this game, one person tries to make the other person sneeze by using various methods. If the person can make the other person sneeze, they win the game.

It sounds simple, but there are many things to consider when playing make her sneeze. So, let’s dive in and learn how to play this exciting game step-by-step.

Step 1: Choose The Players

The first step is to choose the players. This game can be played with two or more people. If you have a large group of people, you can divide them into two teams to make the game more exciting.

Step 2: Set The Rules

Before starting the game, set some ground rules. For example, you can decide on a time limit for each round, or you can decide on the number of attempts the person has to make the other person sneeze. You can also decide what kind of methods are allowed and what is not allowed.

Step 3: Decide Who Goes First

Once the rules are set, decide who goes first. You can toss a coin or use any other method to decide who starts the game.

Step 4: Start The Game

The game starts with the first person attempting to make the other person sneeze. The person can use various methods like tickling the nose, blowing air into the face, or using a feather or tissue paper to induce sneezing.

Step 5: Switch Roles

After the first person has made an attempt, switch roles. The person who was trying to sneeze now has to make the other person sneeze. Keep playing until the time limit or the number of attempts is reached.

Step 6: Declare The Winner

The person who makes the other person sneeze wins the game. You can keep track of points for each successful attempt, and the person with the highest points wins the game.

Playing make her sneeze is a fun and easy way to spend time with friends and family. With these simple steps, anyone can learn how to play and have a great time. So, grab some tissues and let the sneezing begin!

How To Set Up The Game?

Make her sneeze is a fun and exciting game that is perfect for social gatherings. This game is all about making your opponent sneeze by saying or doing something unexpected. With this step-by-step guide, you can easily learn how to set up and play this game with your friends.

So grab your group of friends and let the fun begin!

Get A Group Of Friends Together, From Two To As Many As You Like.

  • Make sure to have at least two players to start the game.
  • Invite as many friends as you want to make the game more enjoyable.

Find A Flat Surface And Place A Cup In The Middle Of It.

  • Choose a flat surface like a table or a countertop.
  • Place a cup with a drink of your choice in the center of the surface.

Fill The Cup With A Drink Of Your Choice.

  • Fill the cup with a drink that you and your friends like.
  • Avoid filling the cup too much to prevent spillage.

Choose Who Will Go First, And Let The Game Begin!

  • Decide who will start the game by flipping a coin or by any other fair method.
  • The first player must try to make the opponent sneeze by saying or doing something unexpected, followed by the phrase ‘make her sneeze’.
  • The opponent must resist the urge to sneeze and respond with ‘not gonna sneez’ and then it’s their turn to make their opponent sneeze.

The game continues like this until someone finally sneezes. The person who sneezes is the loser, and the other player wins the game. So get ready to have lots of fun and laughs with your friends by playing make her sneeze!

How To Play Make Her Sneeze Game

Players Take Turns Trying To Make Each Other Sneeze.

Make her sneeze game is easy to play and requires a minimum of two players to participate. The players sit in a circle, and one player starts by attempting to make another player sneeze. Once the round is completed, the next player takes their turn, and this continues in a clockwise direction.

Each Player Has Three Attempts To Make Another Player Sneeze.

When it’s your turn, you will have three attempts to make someone sneeze. You can use any method except touching them with your hands. You can use objects, make sounds, or say something funny, but keep in mind it must be non-harmful and non-offensive.

Once A Player Sneezes, They Take A Drink And Must Sit Out Until It Is Their Turn Again.

The player who sneezes first loses the round and must take a drink. After that, they cannot participate in the game until their turn arrives again.

The Game Continues Until Only One Player Is Left Standing.

The gameplay cycle continues until only one player is left. Each round gets more intense and interesting, with players trying their best to make each other sneeze. Keep in mind that the game should be fun and entertaining, so don’t take it too seriously!

Final Thoughts

Make her sneeze game is a fun and exciting game that can be played with friends and family members. The game requires no special skills and can be enjoyed by anyone. So, next time you are bored, grab some friends, and play make her sneeze game for a fun-filled night!

Tips And Tricks To Win

How to play make her sneeze game: tips and tricks to win

Making someone sneeze might seem like an easy task, but when it’s a game, there are some strategies that can help you win. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll up your game and make you the champion of make her sneeze.

Try Different Methods To Make Someone Sneeze

Making someone sneeze is not always easy, but trying different methods can increase your chances of success. Here are some effective methods you can try:

  • Tickling the nose with a feather
  • Spraying a stream of water
  • Using pepper

Don’T Give Up After The First Try

Making someone sneeze might take multiple attempts, so don’t give up after the first try. You might need to experiment with different methods. Keep trying, and you’ll eventually succeed.

Be Strategic With Your Attempts

If you’ve successfully made your opponent sneeze once, try a different method the next time to keep the game interesting. Being strategic with your attempts can help you catch your opponent off guard, resulting in a quicker win.

Keep Your Composure And Don’T Lose Focus

Remember, at the end of the day, make her sneeze is just a game. Keep your composure and don’t lose focus. If you let your emotions get the best of you, you might lose the game. So, stay calm, have fun, and enjoy the game.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to becoming a make her sneeze expert in no time. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Play Make Her Sneeze Game

What Is The Make Her Sneeze Game?

Make her sneeze game is a harmless prank involving tickling the nose of another person with a feather to trigger a sneeze.

What Are The Rules Of The Make Her Sneeze Game?

The game involves attempting to make your partner sneeze by tickling their nose with a feather.

How Do I Win The Make Her Sneeze Game?

The goal of the game is to make your partner sneeze; therefore, winning is simply achieved by making your partner successfully sneeze.

What Do I Need To Play The Make Her Sneeze Game?

A feather or any light, fluffy object, and a partner to play the game with.

Is The Make Her Sneeze Game Safe?

The make her sneeze game is a harmless prank that can be played safely if done correctly, with consideration for your partner’s well-being.

Can The Make Her Sneeze Game Be Played Alone?

The make her sneeze game requires a partner, as the tickling of the nose with the feather cannot be achieved alone.


As you now know, make her sneeze game can be an entertaining and exciting way to pass the time with friends or family. The game may seem simple, but it requires a bit of strategizing and quick thinking to win.

Remember to pay attention to your opponents and be mindful of the rules to avoid any penalties. With some practice and a bit of luck, you could become a skilled player and impress your friends. Don’t be afraid to adjust the rules to fit your group’s preferences and keep things interesting.

So next time you’re looking for a fun game to play, gather your friends and try make her sneeze. You won’t regret it!

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