Is Dancing A Hobby?

Dancing A Hobby

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What makes dancing a good hobby?

 What is the most common place where we spend our time? At work, of course. More than 70% of office workers are seated in front of a computer and are engaged in intellectual activities. These professionals include financiers, accountants, designers, programmers, and many others. What is it about Dancing A Hobby that appeals to everyone who is busy with rather complex mental work? Let’s discuss this together.

 There has been a strong conviction in our heads since childhood that creativity is not a profession, but rather  Dancing A Hobby In fact, the majority of people choose careers that have nothing to do with art. However, people tend to devote much of their free time to creative pursuits. There are representatives from a variety of specializations among them. As well as financial workers, builders, and scientists. What is the cause of such a phenomenon? Technical and financial specialties require a great deal of perseverance, attention, and precise logical reasoning.

 There are many reasons why people choose dancing as a hobby, including the fact that here they can completely relax. Dance requires the ability to remember a lot and to make logical connections, but everything occurs in a figurative manner. Taking a break from routine work is the best way to rejuvenate the human brain.

 More than 700 million people around the world enjoy dancing as a hobby.

Dancing is something we all enjoy! However, sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint why this is so. Research has revealed exactly why dance is the best hobby to have for your health, well-being, and community:

1. The power of dance to beat brain disease

It has been scientifically proven that social dancing is the best activity for slowing down dementia. As a matter of fact, dance is 76% effective at preventing dementia. This illustrates the importance of rapid-fire decision-makers in social dance – especially for followers. Being a member of a family with significant dementia, I find it very heartening that I am choosing to spend my time in an activity that will assist me in living as long and as well as possible.

Dancing A Hobby

2. Dance is Better Exercise than Most Other Sports

Are you aware that dancing can burn up to 750 calories per hour? That is a great deal! It is no wonder that I was so physically fit during my Salsa days. The bonus is available regardless of whether you are skilled at dancing – as long as you do it vigorously. Another study concluded that swimming vigorously burns approximately 300 calories.

3. Scientists have found that dancers are happier and more intelligent

There is no doubt that it can prevent dementia – but its benefits do not end there. The hobby we pursue is fantastic for our happiness and intelligence as well! Both Swedish and English studies have explored the link between happiness and dance – with promising results. There was a significant improvement in self-perception among teen girls. As adults, they displayed less rage, anger, and depression.

We already knew that, of course. There is nothing quite like getting on the floor and becoming one with your partner. The human-to-human connection that partner dancing provides is extremely powerful for the soul and spirit.

4. Dancing Makes You Better in Bed

That is not surprising at all. Unless you are able to dance, you may not be considered a “real man” in some cultures. It has been shown that how well you dance is directly related to your ability to be seductive – for both men and women. Turns out that knowing how to use your hips properly is a great signifier of what kind of partner you will be. It’s no secret: most women know that their partner’s dance skills are a great indication of what they’ll be like in the bedroom.

5. The dancer is a better person

Are you aware that dancers are statistically more likely to care about the world around them? As an example, dancers are more likely to:

  • Protect the environment by recycling, reducing, and reusing;
  • Be a forward-thinking shopper by shopping ethically;
  • Concerned with factory farming, vegetarianism, and veganism; and,
  • Demonstrate a greater sense of social justice and emotional empathy

There is a lot at stake here! In our community, there is a strong sense of morality, care, and belonging. When people are struggling or down, we care – and it appears that we are some of the most likely individuals to assist one another. Psychologically, our close connections to other people have imbued us with a strong sense of emotional empathy (no wonder there are so many empaths in our communities!) Even governments have begun to acknowledge the important role social dancing plays in the fabric of the community. April Singleton from the Ministry of Social Welfare Services even noted that dance should be one of our rehabilitation programs after the Covid-19 quarantine period, just to help people learn how to be around each other again.

There are many positive aspects of dance for our world – with many promising new scientific studies being conducted every year. We are truly fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful community that contributes so much to society. 

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