Is Eating A Hobby?

Eating A Hobby

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You are wondering if your favorite pastime, eating, can be considered a hobby.

Perhaps you need to give an explanation for why that last bag of Cheetos has disappeared or are looking to garnish your resume. Either way, the act of putting food into your body by chewing and swallowing it is a recreation that many people unashamedly enjoy. 

In order to determine whether eating can be considered a hobby, we must first define what a hobby is.

How do you define a hobby?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hobby is:“a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation

There is no doubt that eating is an enjoyable activity and for many people and cultures around the world, food is an expression of memories, covenants, and celebrations. In many ways, eating could be viewed as a hobby because so many people engage in it as a way to relax and enjoy themselves. As well as being outside the necessities of life such as work and rest, it can also be unrelated to them.

We eat for more than pleasure

The consumption of food is essential to human life, and many people in both developed and developing countries struggle to achieve more than basic nutrition each day. Consumption of food is not a superfluous activity and is an essential part of daily life. The purpose of food is to provide nourishment necessary for optimum health as well as energy needed for our physical activities during the day. If we eat in excess of our metabolic demands, weight gain and health issues such as obesity and diabetes ensue. Diets based solely on enjoyment of food are likely to be deficient in essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

Enjoying your meals as a pastime

If you are still feeling assured of your foodie status and enjoy trying new recipes and tasting foreign cuisines, perhaps you need to formalize the relationship with your recreational adventures with food by pursuing a hobby that has food at its center.

It is not difficult to find a food-related hobby that will satisfy your love of chowing down. By taking a little time to consider what is it that you love about eating, you are sure to find a hobby that will enhance your passion for eating.

You Are What You Eat, So Don’t Be Cheap: 5 Things You Need to Know About Eating as a Hobby

If you are doing something necessary for survival, such as eating, sleeping, or drinking fluids, then it cannot be considered a hobby.

To expand on that point — it simply isn’t true and it depends entirely on the person’s own perspective around the activity.If you enjoy the prospect of eating a spicy curry or ritualizing the activity then it’s definitely in the realms of what we would consider a hobby. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what a hobby is and why eating is definitely a hobby.

Let’s explore some of the other aspects of eating and why some people enjoy it so much.

Eating gives you a buzz

There is no doubt that we enjoy food and it makes us feel good, but is there a reason for this?

Well, yes actually.When you eat, your body releases a flood of chemicals that are responsible for rewarding the activity or making you feel good. This is because food is strongly linked to our survival; our body needs to incentivize activities that keep us alive.The trouble with this is that we now live in a society that has an abundance of food and that can actually incentivize the wrong kind of eating such as binge eating: in essence, your brain doesn’t know when to stop. With that said, (provided you can temper your urges) you can use this buzz to be the highlight of your day where everybody gets together for food and fun.

Eating A Hobby

You can eat competitively

It is not only a hobby to eat, but it can also be turned into a sport; enter the world of competitive eating. It is not uncommon for competitive eaters to consume up to sixty hotdogs in ten minutes and thirty-two big macs in one sitting. Isn’t that pretty mad? It has been observed in some cases that the stomach of a competitive eater can hold up to four liters of food. Thus, it is not surprising that most competitive eaters are in relatively good physical condition, as one might expect them to be overweight. There are several reasons for this, but mostly it has to do with eating correctly around their competitive eating events and using techniques that facilitate downing food without becoming overweight.

What is Mukbang?

Mukbang comes from Korea: it is a combination of the words meokbang “eating” and bangsong “broadcast” – so it literally means “broadcast your eating”.

You might also be asking why you would want to broadcast your eating efforts, however, it can actually be a lucrative pastime and one that could net you millions of followers.Most people watch mukbang shows to witness copious amounts of food being gorged on, or so that they can listen to the sound of it all being slurped up — yes, we’re not making this up.In fact, there are dedicated ASMR clips specifically for people who like the sound of others eating and mukbang enthusiasts have taken advantage of this niche.We can’t say it’s the healthiest pastime but it’s definitely one that asserts eating as something that can become a hobby and one that can make you money.

Challenges related to food

Whether it is the cinnamon challenge or the gallon of milk challenge, or even eating entire hot chili peppers, we seem to find a way to ritualize our food consumption at some point.

In fact, over the years, food challenges have become somewhat commonplace and there are literally thousands for you to watch on YouTube for sadistic purposes or even to give it a go yourself (exercise caution).Not only is this a fun way to enhance your eating but you can also get your friends involved which can be an excellent way to maintain your relationships with them.If you want, you can also come up with your own weird and wonderful food challenges which we think is a great idea if you really want to eat to become your hobby.

Globetrotters can make mastering international cuisines a satisfying hobby.

It is possible to enjoy the world on your plate even if you are unable to hop on a plane by making world cuisine an active interest in your life. Each continent and nation has its own distinctive cuisine, whether it is West African Jollof, Middle Eastern Hummus, hearty Korean Kimchi Stew, or meaty South African Braai. Not only can you visit restaurants that serve these cuisines or try a course to learn more, you can also collect cookbooks, ingredients, and cooking utensils so you can eat like a native at home. Perhaps your culinary explorations can develop into a blog, podcast, or trip to your favorite culinary capital.

If you are interested in the technical aspects of creating delicious food, get into cookery.

In order to pursue a cookery hobby, you must refine your existing cooking skills and create a repertoire of well-executed recipes. As well as enjoying a hot plate of food, you will also explore the techniques used in world-leading cookery styles and disciplines, and collect utensils and ingredients that will enhance your cooking. 

Enjoy cooking masterclasses, cookbooks, and lots of kitchen experimentation to develop this hobby. 

 Why not go back to the land and see where your food comes from?

It is important to earn your eating hobby stripes by putting in the hard work to grow or raise the food you consume. Homegrown fruits and vegetables are more nutritious and always taste better than store-bought products. It is not even necessary to have a backyard in order to get started. With container gardening, you can grow herbs, salads, and even vine plants such as tomatoes or aubergines. 

Alternatively, those who enjoy fine meats and games can hunt for their dinner. Like this Texan blogger who had an unexpected encounter with a dead dove, a love of gamey dishes may necessitate getting on the camo gear and hitting the field or forest for a tasty meal. 

Many states utilize hunting as part of their environmental stewardship programs when properly trained and licensed. 

 You may find learning more about nutrition improves the way you and your family eat.

It is important that you put the right foods into your body if you enjoy eating. 

The study of nutrition is definitely an enjoyable pastime for those who are interested in learning more about how our health and bodies are affected by what we eat. You may have heard about different food movements, such as paleo, raw or organic foods, and veganism. Most of them share a desire to make more informed food choices. When you begin to explore the health benefits of eating the right foods, you will feel empowered to eat well and share healthy alternatives with those around you. 

  Share your love of food with those less fortunate by volunteering at a food bank or community kitchen.

Right now in your community, it is likely that some households are finding it a challenge to put food on the table. Share your culinary skills by serving food to the needy in a soup kitchen, shelter, or food bank. Your efforts to provide food and meals to others may make all the difference to young families, the unemployed, sick and elderly and there is nothing more satisfying than sharing what you have. 

 As a final note

In our opinion, eating is just the beginning of some amazing hobbies that will not only enrich you but others as well. By developing a hobby around your interest in and enjoyment of food, you can not only develop culturally and socially but make a real impact.

Put down that bag of Cheetos, you’ve got better things to do! 

Bon appetit!

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