Is Reading A Hobby?

Reading A Hobby

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The majority of people consider reading to be a hobby. On most questionnaires, where you are asked to indicate your hobbies, you may even mention reading intuitively! Nevertheless, the question remains whether reading is a hobby or a multifaceted activity. In general, reading is considered a hobby since it is an activity often done during leisure time for entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, regular reading can become a habit. It is not uncommon for some individuals to consider reading to be a passion, while others may consider it to be a leisure activity.

It is also possible to become addicted to reading. If you wish to comprehend why reading can be categorized as any or a combination of these concepts, you must first understand each concept and then examine whether reading fits the definition of each concept. This article will help you determine what type of activity your reading actually is, even if you do not categorize it as a habit, hobby, or any of the other categories.

What is the difference between reading as a hobby and reading as a habit?

Some people view reading as a hobby, while others insist it is more than that – it is a habit. It is true that reading is both a hobby and a habit.

Reading as a Hobby

According to Merriam-Webster, a hobby is “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.” Reading fits this definition if you occasionally read a book or other literature when you need relaxation or have free time to kill.  As a result, reading can be considered a hobby.

Reading as a Habit

There are many readers who have begun reading occasionally as a hobby, but soon realize that they are becoming habitual readers.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary “, a habit is something that you do often and regularly.” In practical terms, this means that if you start to read at specific times daily, for instance before going to bed, you’ve developed a reading habit.”

It is even more consistent with the definition of “habit” if you cannot go to bed without reading first. In the Collins Dictionary, a habit is described as “an action which someone finds difficult to stop doing.”

Hence, we can say that reading can begin as a hobby that eventually develops into a habit.

Reading A Hobby

What makes reading a good habit?

We have now established that reading can become a habit. Next, it is important to determine if it is a good habit, and if so, why. There is no doubt that reading is a good habit for anyone. Reading has a number of tangible benefits.

No matter whether it is young toddlers listening to bedtime stories every night, adults reading books they enjoy, or elderly people who continue reading even when someone else is reading for them, reading is an important habit.

The following are some reasons why reading is considered a good habit:

1. Enhances memory and cognitive abilities

Reading is a very good habit for kids because it improves their memory and cognitive ability. Furthermore, it improves children’s vocabulary as well as their brainpower.

Researchers at Carleton University, Ontario, Canada found that preschool children with limited vocabulary acquired new vocabulary during book reading episodes.

2. Contributes to the development of social skills

Reading is one of the best habits you can develop. There is no doubt that books can be your best friend. The act of reading as a “friend”.


  •  Provides you with character-building by teaching you that there are many ways to approach life;
  • Develops your social skills by exposing you to a variety of social situations;
  • Whether you read fiction or non-fiction, it contributes to your knowledge;
  • As your vocabulary and grammar skills increase, you will be able to communicate more effectively;
  • Ensures that your mental health is developed and stimulated;
  • Relaxes your mind and improves your mood;
  • Having the habit of reading before bedtime can assist you in sleeping

What Makes Reading A Creative Hobby?

It is surprising that many people do not realize that reading can be creative, even though it consists of receiving information without contributing anything. It encourages the mind to make the best possible use of the information.

This is an excellent hobby to pursue because it stimulates the mind into thinking about things related to any field of expertise. You can apply this to your career, a relationship, or your life in general.

1. Reading is Inexpensive as a Hobby

With enough time and investment, many hobbies will inevitably become very expensive to maintain. Whether it’s playing guitar, drawing, painting, or even home improvement, hobbyists will have to spend money to advance beyond the beginning stages, and in some cases, quite a lot. This is not the case with reading. The cost of books is, by and large, quite reasonable, and there is no system that determines the price of a book according to how long you have been reading it. You can find many free e-books on the Internet. If you live near a bookstore, there is no shortage of used books or those that have been discarded by libraries.

You can always visit your local library if you do not have the space to collect physical books, and do not have access to an e-reader. Most libraries offer free library cards, as well as a wide variety of books in all genres – fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, atlases, and so forth.

2.The hobby of reading can be very educational (as well as entertaining)

There are many types of writing that do not give any educational benefits, this is pretty rare, fortunately. The majority of literary works you will encounter are those that will be of great educational value to you. Writing is probably the best human invention for transferring knowledge in the most compact manner. Having the ability to read allows one to gain insight into the thoughts of individuals who have their own areas of expertise.

The reason why it can be so entertaining when done leisurely is that you get to pick the topics, and you can decide whether a particular writing piece is worth your time. By selecting your own topic, you can cut out the boring part.

3. Stress can be relieved by reading

A book is one of the best remedies for stress, even if you are not a regular reader. You forget about your problems when you become absorbed in the story and characters in the book! If your mind cannot stop thinking about your busy day, reading is a natural remedy that can assist you in falling asleep. When you cannot sleep, keep a book next to your bed so that you can read it when you cannot fall asleep. 

4. Provides Same Social Developing Benefits as Habitual Reader

It is important to remember that, even though you may view your reading as a hobby and may not read as much as a habitual reader, you enjoy the same benefits and advantages that they do.

5. You can improve your ability to think by reading

Reading as a hobby has the additional benefit of expanding your vocabulary. It is likely that when you read a book at or above your level, you will come across words that you have never seen before, or words that you have seen but not understood. When you are reading a paperback or hardcover book, you can usually determine a word’s meaning by its context. A word highlighted on an e-reader will often show its dictionary definition if you highlight it. Your mind will be prepared for even more complex passages by learning on the fly as you read.

Another benefit of reading as a hobby is its simplicity. A person who does not read as a hobby may only see a wall of text, while an avid reader will see excitement and opportunities. A long string of words is no longer simply text on a page – it is a portal to other worlds and other ways of thinking. Reading is also a great way to expand one’s knowledge. The power of the written word can be used to gain perspective and knowledge spanning decades, generations, and even centuries. In fact, many modern political philosophies are based on the reasoning of politicians that dates back thousands of years. That isn’t to say that we follow the same ideologies completely, but the power of reading cannot be denied when people who lived thousands of years apart can be said to have shared the same ideas, morals, and ideals for how the world should be.

At the end of the day, we all strive for the same things, which speaks to the basic humanity in all of us.

6. You will be able to enjoy peace and quiet

reading doesn’t have to be all big ideas and lofty goals either. It can be as simple as taking in a pulp fiction story on a sunny afternoon. There is nothing wrong with high-concept philosophical musings, nor with cheesy romance novels.

It has been said that these are “junk food for your brain,” but what are the disadvantages? It is important to note that pulp fiction does not have the same effect as real junk food, which can cause physical problems. In other words, you can have just as good a time with one as you can with the other.

Benefits of reading over the long term

Reading as a hobby also has the benefit of slowing or preventing cognitive decline as you age. Brains are like muscles, and the more they are used, the stronger they become. Regular physical exercise can prevent a wide variety of physical ailments, and the same is true for the brain. Regular reading is a great exercise for your mind that will always be beneficial.

The ability to be exposed to so much of other people’s ideas can also serve as an important catalyst for developing empathy. You may gain a better understanding of what a person from a different demographic, skin color, economic circumstance, or gender is experiencing as it compares to your own by reading a book from their perspective.

There may be something new you can strive for in your own life, or you may be able to appreciate what you already possess.

So, reading considered a hobby?

There is no doubt that reading is a great hobby, regardless of whether it leads to something tangible. It can be argued that instead, there are a number of abstract, intangible benefits.

Reading can expand your vocabulary and broaden your worldview, and it is one of the most inexpensive and accessible hobbies available. It is never too late to begin, and there are a variety of opportunities available to you.

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