Use Bird Decor as Your Home Ornament to Make it More Interesting.

Bird Decor

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One of the best ways to decorate your home with bird decor is a birdhouse. Birdhousebird decor for homes can add an earthy feeling to your home.

A nest box is a small box that is a man-made enclosure provided for animals to nest in. This kind of nest box mainly provides for birds, in this case, it is called a birdhouse or birdbox. But some other mammal animals like bats also can use them. 

Generally, birdhouses are installed in summer or sometimes early fall. As soon as birdhouses are made, more time birds get to identify their new house before breeding seasons. It is a good idea to lift birdhouses year-round for roosting sites or winter shelters for migratory birds. As birdhouses are man-made so they can easily take down, cleaned, and reinstalled.

How does a Birdhouse Work?

Birdhouses are very adorable and functional as well. As we know, birds are losing their habitat and it is creating a huge problem for their breeding. So it’s a good idea to provide shelter to those birds who live on insects and berries rather than seeds.  

It refers that bird feeders and birdhouses installed for different kinds of birds. Birds can find their suitable shelter before breeding and can protect themselves from extreme weather conditions.

Which birds like birdhouses?

Adding a birdhouse is a great idea to decorate your home, and it can attract nesting birds. All bird species don’t like to raise their family close to humans. But, there are hundreds of birds all over the world that use birdhouses. Knowing those birds and their habits can help you to select suitable birdnest. Some common birds that nest in houses are tree swallows, sparrows, purple martins, bluebirds, chickadees, etc.

Decorate Your Wall with Birds

It’s really enjoyable to hear birds singing melodiously. If you want to give your house a different look you can try to decorate your wall with different bird ideas. Here are some tips for you.

Framed Bird on a Wire

Bird wall art can add a bit of color to your home. You can collect some fabric birds and hang them on a wire surrounded by a frame. Finally, you can glass off the frame. You can select a silver frame with bright and patterns fabrics

Bird and Branches Wall Art

If you use a piece of wood to paint it with birds and branches, it can give an elegant look to your house. Some people like to use kind of software and machines to make this kind of wall art. Also, you can use some small fabric flowers and pearly buttons. 

Fabric Bird Wall Decor

Another good idea for Bird Decor for the home is to perch a fabric bird on the wall. You can apply this idea to put a bird above the door or switchboard. It’s a type of wallpapering technique that makes great use of scrap bin fabrics. This perch idea is super cute and a fantastic quality to your space.

Canvas Letter Organizer

A letter organizer is one of the most necessary items for a home. It’s a good idea to paint colorful birds on the letter holder. If the Canvas is pre-printed, find a space and draw a little-cute colorful bird and make your letter arranger more precious.

Make Your Chandelier

You can make little birds and wings, glue them together and create your chandelier to hang in your room. To make birds and wings, you can use rings, craft wire, and wire hangers. You can attach ribbons so that they can drop and glue on the little birdies. I will look so pretty and delicate. It’s precious for children’s rooms.  

10 Useful Tips to Decorate your Bird Decor for your home

1. Begin with an imitation bird cage that you can make by yourself or can buy. You can set the bird’s nest in a flower pot or a vintage tureen, in a basket, on top of the garden book, or can nested in branches.

2. Use birdcages to show your spring decor. It is a good container for small plants and fresh or artificial flowers. A pile of books with a bird’s nest on the top and even one or two birds can give a different look.

3. Collecting some branches from your yard can make a good place to hang small ornamental birds. You can buy all kinds of birds from stores or you can make origami birds hang. Adding some twinkle lights to those branches can make them spark.  

4. To show spring sentiment you can hang a bird garland. Make the birds from thin cardboard and paint them colorfully. Glue some quotations on each bird. Insert the birds into twine with glue and hang them in a nice place.

5. If you have an artificial green tree in your home, decorate it with imitation birds and nests. Attach some light, garland, and a bow on the top naturally.

6. Show some decorative eggs in a basket, a pot of faux grass, or a bird’s nest. If you wish, you can paint your eggs to make them special.

7. Hang elegant-style bird pictures in a frame and attach them to a banner or garland.

8. It’s a good idea to display your bird, nest, or eggs under glasses.

9. Add up some soft feathers to your bird decor and put them in a vase or frame special feathers with birds to make your home more attractive.

10 . Make some simple bird festoons from branches with a nest. It can be in the focal point and add an extra texture to your room.

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