What Is Modern Technology’s Impact On Culture

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There is a cyclical relationship between technology and society or technology and culture that involves co-dependence, co-influence, and coproduction on the part of each (technology on the part of society and vice-versa). Throughout human history, this relationship has existed in synergy, beginning with the invention of simple tools and continuing into modern technologies such as the printing press and computers. Technology has always been a matter of debate as to whether it is a boon or a bane to society. Modern Technology’s has a profound impact on our culture, tradition, and social values and can be classified as how it affects our society today and how it influences human activities.

The language was developed so that people could communicate with elders and learn from them through their stories. Among their inventions were tools for agriculture, building homes, and weaponry for hunting and protection. As the population increases, more technology is developed. Technology has not only contributed to a longer life expectancy for humans, but also to a change in the way we live (Barbara Bray). Through the use of the printing press, the masses were able to receive news, read books, and attend school. Various cultures developed within large cities for the purpose of protecting and sustaining them. Throughout the world, every nation and its community has its own unique cultural and societal norms and values as well as its own unique coherence and cohesion. Thanks to technology, the living standard of the average person have increased significantly and has become more sophisticated.

The impact of Modern Technology’s on culture

A society’s culture is reflected in its values, norms, and practices. As culture observes itself through individuals, it reflects their perceptions, practices, and values, as well as the transfer of technology. Language, art, mobility, education, and religion are all fundamental aspects of all our cultures that are affected by technology. A community’s culture serves as the basis for interpreting, evaluating, and judging technology. As technology affects all components of culture, it determines the direction in which culture will be developed. If technology is to occupy a larger cultural dimension, it must be in harmony with the social and cultural conditions of the community otherwise there will be friction between technological development and the preservation of cultural values. It is only through a rational balance that people are able to express themselves freely in the modern Technology’s world, regardless of their ethnicity, age, or education level. Technology has changed how we interact with each other, but it has also changed how we interact with our environment and consumerism. Although people use technology to fulfilling their fantasies, it may lead to a cultural downfall due to a lack of restrictions, regulations, and/or consequences. Some people have become more connected to society as a whole as a result of these changes, while others remain isolated.

The impact of technology on tradition

Modern Technology’s and tradition are always in competition within a community. Globalization has resulted in the world becoming a global village as a result of technology. It is difficult to imagine life today without electricity, transportation, communication, etc. Technology has contributed to advances in the fields of medical science, engineering, economics, etc. The positive impact of technology has enabled industrialization, urbanization, modernization, and the development of transportation and communication systems. Furthermore, it assists in the networking of the culture, tradition, and coherence of society. Technology has made the 21st century so much more advanced. 

According to Sherry Turkle’s TED talk, “As we expect more from technology, we begin to expect less from each other.” She points out that we are not developing relationships with people, but with technology as if it were real. Electronic communication can also lead to isolation due to the constant sensory stimulation of texts, tweets, Facebook, emails, and more, as opposed to thinking and listening to each other. Negative effects of technology can be seen in the dominance of western culture over recessive cultures. As a result of technology, social values are being violated and traditions are being lost in coherence.

Tradition style thrives when it is recognized for its value. The use of Modern Technology’s can be used to modify the method of production or industrialization rather than to destroy it. As a result, technology allows tradition to be preserved if the beneficiary part is considered.

Impact of technology on social values

Technology has provided a wide range of topics for discussion. Throughout the process, people have gained extensive knowledge about any subject and more information has been shared effectively. The use of technology contributes to the transformation of the economy as well as the development of new social classes.

 Technology plays an important role in strengthening interpersonal relationships. There has been a significant contribution in the areas of health, transportation, electricity, etc. to all the demographic factors of society, for example, modern farming has replaced primitive farming, allowing for an increase in crop yields and a reduction in time spent on farming.  

Compared to social environments, people spend more time on technology. Traditional media outlets such as television and newspapers have been attributed to the decline of technology. There has been a limited use of technology in the periphery of the educated community. Humans are regressing as technology advances. Humans have become lazy and dependent due to the invention of robots and machines. Technological advancements have led to the development of bombs, nuclear weapons, and missiles. The implementation of technology has a significant impact on the values of society by changing expectations and reality. A lack of trust has been created among people as a result of overemphasizing technology. In addition to unemployment, cultural lags, and changes in social institutions, technology can also be blamed for these factors

There are both negative and positive effects of technology on our lives

It is very important to acknowledge that technology can have both positive and negative effects on our lives. Depending on its use and application, it is a double-edged sword that can be used positively or negatively.

Technology has a significant impact on culture, tradition, and social values today. Due to the advent of the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., people are now able to access information from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. They now have more power than ever before, but this also enables them to be vulnerable to misinformation and propaganda spreading through these channels, which may have negative effects on our society (e.g., cyberbullying).

Despite the pros and cons of technology, it has greatly contributed to improving our quality of life. Besides saving time and money, the Internet has assisted in bringing the world together by creating a global village, helping people to easily cross cultural, racial, and continental barriers. Technology and online communication have a significant impact on culture locally and globally, as more and more people choose to communicate online rather than in person. It is important that technology contributes to positive social change. Therefore, technology should be developed to design digital means to connect us not only to each other, but also to promote our values, to respect one another, and to encourage innovation as we develop a place for ourselves in the 21st century.

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