What Is The Best Flavor Of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Flavor Of Optimum Nutrition

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Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein is the most popular protein powder on the face of the planet and there are plenty of reasons why: it’s inexpensive, it combines three kinds of whey — concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate — and it gets great ratings for purity and label-accuracy from third-party testing companies. What’s the best Optimum Nutrition whey flavor?


That question is complicated. Not only because “best flavor” is inherently subjective, but also because Optimum Nutrition produces Whey in dozens of flavors.  They include three different flavors with strawberries, four different flavors involving cake, and ten different variants of chocolate-flavored something. We tried every single one of them to give you a sense of which flavors rise to the top and which should be left on the shelf.

The 5 Best Optimum Nutrition Flavors

 Chocolate Coconut

First on the list is Chocolate Coconut. Chocolate Coconut has a smooth, creamy milk chocolate taste with a slight hint of coconut.  It’s refreshing, not too sweet, and tastes great in both milk and water. When I first tried it, it was quickly one of my favorites. Some say it tastes like the candy Almond Joy. I can see why, but it’s not exactly like it. The coconut is there but it doesn’t stand out as much as the chocolate. The chocolate is similar to another Optimum Nutrition flavor — Extreme Milk Chocolate — which happens to be on this list too (and is damn good!). Chocolate Coconut takes the 5 spots for one reason, it’s not a strong flavor. But it’s tasty, it definitely lives up to its name, and can be mixed with just about anything.

Banana Cream

Banana Cream is a hidden gem. It’s not so popular. And not many people know about it. But it tastes so real and authentic. It’s sweet and has no chalky aftertaste. Does it taste like a real banana? A bit. But what it really tastes like are those banana popsicles and banana-flavored candies. Slightly artificial, but I’m not complaining. It’s downright delicious. The only problem is if you don’t like bananas, this isn’t for you. But if you do, this will quickly become your favorite. Banana Cream is also one of the most versatile flavors ever. As you know, adding a banana to a protein shake is always delicious.

So what you can do with Banana Cream is mix it in with other flavors to create an even tastier protein shake. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors work great here

Double Rich Chocolate

Double Rich Chocolate is Optimum Nutrition’s basic chocolate flavor. All companies sell one, but theirs set the bar high. This isn’t your usual boring chocolate. Double Rich Chocolate has a rich chocolatey flavor. Super creamy, milky, and flavorful. Almost like drinking chocolate milk.

And when you mix it with milk, you won’t believe how great it tastes. Trust me. I’ve tried those cheap chocolate protein powders before (Muscle Milk in particular). And Double Rich Chocolate is nothing like it.

This needs no detailed explanation. It’s tasty chocolate. One you can mix with everything. Double Rich Chocolate is a chocolate lover’s dream, but it doesn’t compare to what’s next

Extreme Milk Chocolate

Probably the most talked about the flavor of Optimum Nutrition. But don’t get it confused with Double Rich Chocolate.

This is totally different.

They taste similar, but Extreme Milk Chocolate, as you can tell by its name, takes chocolate to a whole other level.

What you can expect from this flavor is a very sweet milk chocolate. Almost two times the sweetness as Double Rich Chocolate. And because of how sweet it is, you don’t even need milk.

With water alone, you can get that milky taste.

When compared to other chocolate flavors, Extreme Milk Chocolate is legendary. Similar to Hershey’s chocolate, and instant hot chocolate, there’s really no competition.


But out of all flavors, this next one holds the #1 spot


Mocha Cappuccino

Mocha Cappuccino is as popular as Extreme Milk Chocolate. These are arguably the two best Optimum Nutrition flavors of them all.

The second you take a sip of this, you’ll get an irresistible chocolate taste with subtle hints of coffee. And the coffee tastes unbelievably real (maybe because they have coffee as a listed ingredient!).

Plus, you only need water for it to taste incredible.

I don’t care if you’re not a coffee drinker either. You won’t be able to pass this up. When I had it, I always looked forward to downing a shake. It’s just too good.

No other flavor from Optimum Nutrition comes close. This is their crown jewel. And you’d be making a mistake to try anything else ahead of Mocha Cappuccino.

If you made it this far, you’ve discovered the 5 flavors that are truly worth buying. Each flavor tastes fantastic, goes well with almost everything, and never gets old.

If you pick one of the above, you can be sure you’re making a good choice.

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