Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Bodybuilder Tanning Explained With 16 Reasons

Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining

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Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining Fundamentally Used by Bodybuilder. You notice that most Bodybuilder competitors on stage are darkly tanned, shiny, and defined. There is no denying that a well-applied tan can make a noticeable difference to one’s physique. In addition, there are plenty of examples of bodybuilding tans that look terrible. Throughout this article, you will find everything you need to know about tanning for bodybuilding competitions. This article will explain why pros use this method, as well as how you can do it yourself.

You may have Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining noticed something strange when watching a bodybuilding competition; the amount of fake tan the competitors seem to be using. To make their physique look good under the stage lights, bodybuilders use a lot of fake tans to highlight their muscle definition. Let’s examine why the bodybuilding community uses fake tans and spray tans so often.

Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining

The lean and muscular physiques of Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining is enhanced further by both real and fake tanning practices. During bodybuilding competitions, bright lights are used. The result can be Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining a physique that appears ‘washed release along with pale skin. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, all bodybuilders tan. As a result, fake tans can also be light-reflective, enhancing your body’s muscular definition. In bodybuilding competitions, tanning plays an important role.

What Is The Secret To Bodybuilders’ Tans?

Bodybuilders Used 3 Steps of Tanning. There Are-

  • Hair Removing
  • Exfoliating
  • Tanning

Step 1: Hair Removing

All body hair must be removed before applying a tan to avoid dark streaks. As well as forearms, underarms, legs, and more intimate parts of the body, this includes areas such as the chest, back, forearms, and underarms. Aside from enabling tans to be applied more efficiently, removing body hair is itself a way to reveal muscle definition. Hair removal methods include shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, and creams.

Step 2: Exfoliating

Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining The next step is to scrub the skin after removing all hair from the body. By doing so, you can eliminate any dirt, dead skin cells, and other particles that may be present on the surface of your skin. A tan that is not removed before an application can develop patches as a result of these artifacts. A combination of cleansing products or body washes can be Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Being Explaining is used to Exfoliate the skin. To help add friction to the cleaning process, some of these products include beads or other elements that give them a rougher texture. 

The skin surface can also be scrubbed and wiped using cleaning cloths, loofahs, or sponges. Dirt and other particles can be removed this way.

Step 3: Tanning

Once your skin has been shaved, cleaned, and freshened, you can apply a tanning method. Several methods of tanning are described in the following section, but here’s a brief overview. Usually, tanning products need to be applied multiple times and in multiple layers. An important aspect of a show is the timing and strategy leading up to it. Usually, on the day of the competition, final touches are applied after the base layers of tan have been applied and set.

There Are The Most Common Types Of Tan Used By Bodybuilders

The 4 types of tan used by Bodybuilders. There Are-

  • Natural Tan
  • Self-Tan 
  • Spray Tan
  • Tanning Supplements

Natural Tan-

It is common for novice bodybuilders to rely solely on artificial tans when it comes to tanning. It is common to apply these only shortly before the performance. If you sweat, rub your skin, or wear clothing while posing, this could cause problems. Consequently, the tan will streak, run, or be partially wiped away. In mandate to resolve this, make sure you have a dark natural tan before applying fake tanning products. 

Classic bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and others often trained outdoors around in the sun. In decree to achieve the best-looking tan, it is always best to go natural. The advantage of having a natural base lies in the fact that additional tan is required for competition. It is possible to achieve a natural tan by consistently exposing yourself to sunlight for a short duration of time (as little as 10-15 minutes). Tanning beds can provide the same effect for those living in colder or cloudier climates. The risks associated with sun exposure are many, so make sure to weigh them out before getting out there to fry.


Some self-application products and creams are commonly used for tanning. It is possible to find these items from many different brands and in a variety of colors, finishes, and consistencies. It is common for self-tanning creams to need to be applied multiple times. To reach hard-to-reach areas, it’s often helpful to have someone else assist. The most difficult method is probably this one, as it requires a lot of technique to avoid streaky areas or dark patches on the elbows and knees.

Spray Tan-

The use of spray tanning for pre-competition tans is becoming more prevalent. Professional tanners are employed by champions such as three-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Chris Bumstead. Spray tans are applied by these assistants before a performance. Two to three coats of spray tan are applied, with the excess of the first coat being rinsed off afterward. In the weeks leading up to the performance, the body will be touched up further to accentuate it.

Tanning Supplements-

Supplements that increase pigment in the skin are another approach to tanning in bodybuilding. Although some of these supplements are widely available, there is little evidence that they are effective. These products are designed to cause melanin to darken uniformly across the entire body. Running or streaking problems can be avoided with such a method. Furthermore, it creates an overall tan, even in spots that are generally hard to tan. The downsides of tanning supplements can sometimes include flushing and nausea. It is always advisable to seek medical advice before taking this route.

Is Tanning Harmful To Muscle Growth?

The fact that tanning affects the appearance of a physique may lead some people to believe that is why Do Bodybuilders Tan. Explaining tanning itself affects the development of muscles. Muscle physiology is not affected by tanning, although it may give them a more defined appearance. Getting tanned naturally through sun exposure can benefit your health overall, promoting vitamin D production.

The Reason Bodybuilders Use Tan So Much?

A list of the most common reasons professional bodybuilders take tanning so seriously is provided in this section. There are-

  • Muscle Definition
  • Stage Lights Effect
  • Hides Blemishes
  • Masks Tattoos
  • Evens Skin Tones
  • Appearance Of Health
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • It highlights muscle definition
  • It makes you appear slimmer
  • It hides blemishes
  • It holds up against bright lights
  • It boosts confidence
  • It’s part of the industry
  • It creates the full package
  • Vanity

1. Definition of Muscles

Bodybuilders use so much tan for shows because darker skin tones simply make muscles stand out more. Aesthetics play a major role in bodybuilding competitions. To score an athlete higher, the judges must be able to see muscle definition well.

2. Stage Lights Effect

Brightly lit stages are used for bodybuilding competitions. These bright lights will make pale-skinned contestants look less impressive, as there is all manner of spotlights and downlights shining on them. Because these lights can be quite warm, it is crucial to use a good tanning technique to avoid streaking from excessive sweating.

3. Hides Blemishes

Bodybuilders can hide all sorts of skin flaws with a tan. As a result, judges will not be distracted from judging the physique. With a good tan, things such as rashes, stretch marks, freckles, moles, and even pimples can be hidden.

4. Masks Tattoos

The offseason is also when many bodybuilders enjoy wearing tattoos to express themselves. When tattoos are contrasted with paler skin, they can conceal and distract from muscle definition and shape. The majority of tattoos can be hidden by a dark tan, so the athletes’ physique is not compromised.

5. Evens Skin Tones

Stage competitions bring together bodybuilders from all walks of life.

By having a dark tan on all of the athletes, the playing field is leveled. When two people stand side-by-side in a posedown, this is especially apparent.

A tan and oils are applied by bodybuilders with naturally dark skin tones as well. They can still enjoy the benefits of their physique as a result.

6. Appearance Of Health

An attractive tan is one of the reasons why bodybuilders look for it because it represents vitality and health. People don’t exactly envision a pasty white, muscular physique when they think of a beach body. Today’s bodybuilders have more extremely dark tans than the natural tans of the golden era. It has simply become the norm to have darker skin tones.

7. Competitive Advantage

Resulting from past competitions account for part of the darkening of tans over the years. The results of athletes who have darker tans improve and they win more competitions. Understandably, other bodybuilders begin to emulate their success. Even if athletes have similar physiques, a pale athlete cannot get up and look better than one with a good tan in today’s competitive scene.

8. Aesthetically Pleasing

To achieve the best-looking body possible, bodybuilding is all about making it look as good as possible. The perfect body isn’t defined by bodybuilder physiques. There is no doubt that various bodybuilding physiques are aesthetically impressive, but most people can agree that they are different. Bodybuilders who have a good tan have just become another factor judges consider when scoring their physiques.

9. It Highlights Muscle Definition

Dark colors make muscles much more visible, which is one of the main reasons bodybuilders use spray tans. In addition, the tan emphasizes the separation between the muscles, making them look as defined and toned as possible.

The size and definition of muscles are crucial in bodybuilding competitions, so competitors should take advantage of any legitimate advantages they may have. Sometimes the difference between winning and losing can be a fresh spray before you take the stage.

10. It Makes You Appear Slimmer

The darker the skin tone, the slimmer your body looks around the waist, which is crucial when competing in bodybuilding competitions. For a competitive body to look slim, it needs to have a low body fat percentage as well as large muscle tissue. A fake tan can help give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

For high-level competitive bodybuilders, this is most beneficial when their body fat percentage is below 10% – which will be the case most of the time – and if they have a dark skin tone, it will make their body appear lean to the judges.

11. It Hides Blemishes

In addition to covering up skin imperfections, fake tan also helps to conceal skin blemishes. If you do a lot of weightlifting, for example, you may develop stretch marks, which will be covered up by a spray tan, which will allow the judges to focus only on muscle definition.

It is perfectly natural for bodybuilders to have imperfections such as scars, but covering them with fake tan before a competition is a tactic that many bodybuilders use to ensure that the focus is always on their physique, rather than other issues they cannot completely control.

12. It Holds Up Against Bright Lights

There is often a lot of harsh lighting on the bodybuilding stage, which washes out lighter skin tones. Bodybuilders use bronze tans to create a stage-ready physique since natural skin color will not stand up to the bright lights of competition.

In addition, bodybuilders often use fake tans to enhance their appearance. It is common for them to apply several layers to make their bronzed skin tone even, as well as dark as possible, to prevent the bright lights from washing out their skin and affecting their scores.

13. It Boosts Confidence

As well, a darker skin tone may sometimes help competitive bodybuilders gain more confidence, and having a strong stage presence is important. In front of those bright lights on stage with barely any clothing on, flexing your body requires a lot of confidence, which some can achieve with a fresh spray tan. A bodybuilder’s stage presence is one of the explicit factors they are judged on, so they need to feel confident when competing.

14. It’s Part Of The Industry

It is now so common for bodybuilders to use fake tans and spray tans that judges consider the quality of the tan when evaluating competitors. Although fake tans affect scoring differently, these attitudes make them more than a way to prepare your physique; they’re an essential part of the preparation process. If a bodybuilder chooses not to use any fake tan, they’ll be putting themselves at a distinct disadvantage. 

15. It Creates The Full Package

The points listed above can be summarized in this way, but a fresh sunless tan can help a competitor’s hard work come together and create the illusion of being a ‘full package. A darker, bronzed skin tone is viewed by many as the cherry on top of a well-baked cake, and this can have a profound impact on how a bodybuilder is judged. 

16. Vanity

Tans look good, plain, and simple. Even though bodybuilders overdo it for the reasons listed above, it’s a fact that the tanned look is sought after by almost everyone, so getting a bronzed complexion will certainly help you look your best. 

Are There Any Differences Between Bodybuilder Tans And No Tans?

A side-by-side comparison of a bodybuilder’s physique with and without a tan helps illustrate the differences. In terms of physique, both guys have excellent physiques. A tanner man’s muscles have darker shadows and sharper highlights. When compared to bright stage lighting, this makes them stand out more. In addition, there are plenty of examples of bodybuilders who have tanned before and after. Although a bodybuilder’s tan may seem funny to some, it’s undeniable that it does the job. The bright stage lights make them stand out more.



  • Why do bodybuilders have shiny skin?

Most of the time, this is just a result of the numerous layers of fake tan or spray tan they have applied. Because fake tan is a liquid, it creates a shiny texture when applied in large quantities. In addition to removing their body hair, bodybuilders give their complexion a shiny appearance. Those who would like to give their muscles a more defined appearance will also use oils to create that shiny look.

  • What can tan do bodybuilders use?

Many types of spray tans available can be applied at home or by a friend without the need to visit a salon. Many of these products can also be purchased from stores, while others opt to go to tanning salons for a professional approach. Bodybuilders can now use spray tans that are specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Is Tanning Good For Bodybuilding?

This article has hopefully illustrated some compelling reasons why bodybuilders should master the art of tanning before competitions.

  • Why Do Bodybuilders So Dark?

It has been noted that the darker the tan, the more clear the muscle definition is. Although these ultra-dark tans may seem strange to some, top competitors wouldn’t use them if they didn’t work.

  • Why Do Bodybuilders  Not Tan Their Faces?

Some bodybuilders tan their faces, and others don’t. You can make it look more natural depending on the method you use. In comparison with rub-in creams, spray tans are much easier to apply on the face. The athlete’s choice of whether to have their face tanned or not comes down to personal preference.

  • Why Do  Have Shiny Skin?  

As part of stage prep, oiling the body is equally important as applying layers of tan. A chiseled and separated look is achieved by oiling the muscles, which sharpens the highlights.

  • Why Do Bodybuilders  Use?

It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to use dozens of different brands and products to get their show tan. To suit different requirements, there are different brands of creams, supplements, tanning beds, and spray tans. A wide range of products is available from Pro Tan, one of the most popular brands for decades. A variety of services are offered, including tanning, hair removal, and removal of tans after competitions. You can also purchase tanning sprays, mousses, and water-based products on Amazon. Consult a dermatologist if you have any special requirements for your skin type after conducting some research and experimentation.

  •  Being Tan Make You Look More Muscular?

Yes, of course! There is no question that a dark tan will always make a physique look leaner and more muscular, especially under bright lights.

  • Why Do Bodybuilders Tan For Competition?

To make their bodies look as good as possible, the best bodybuilders do everything they can. To sculpt their muscles, bodybuilders train hard, eat strictly, and employ a variety of other methods and techniques. Competitors need to tan as part of their preparation.

Final Thoughts

Bodybuilders use a lot of fake tans, but they have valid reasons for doing so, almost all of which are focused on enhancing their chances of winning competitions. In addition to making muscles look more defined, fake tans make the body look slimmer and can cover up skin imperfections and blemishes. Furthermore, it prevents a competitor’s skin tone from being washed out by the stage lights.

In your opinion, how effective is our guide to tanning for professional bodybuilders? Tell us in the comments if you want to create a more muscular-looking physique – and what tanning methods you use. Don’t forget to share this article with any training buddies who are looking pasty.

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